It is a big problem for us to find solution on How to Kill Surot/BEDBUGS.Killing bedbugs really hard to do. No insect killers that can eliminate all surot.

please help us KILL SUROT/BEDBUGS!

FYI - What is a SUROT or BEDBUGS?
Surot is a living thing with many many fingers that so kadiri when touches you. Surot are so nakakainis that disturb my sweet dreams and changes to nightmares...

Answers to: HOW TO KILL SUROT?i=10
Posted by: roel Jan 4, 2009

HOW TO KILL SUROT? Spray them with petroleum gas/gasoline or try to wash thier houses with boiling water. i've tried it and its effective :-)

Posted by: don Jan 4, 2009

HOW TO KILL SUROT? try to spray them with insecticide or chemicals...

Posted by: jerome Jan 5, 2009

madami ding surot sa bhaws. tinakpan na lang namin ng linorium yung sahig para di sila makalabas. hehe

Posted by: Hermo Jan 5, 2009

burn your house! no more surot... no more house!

Posted by: master jerome idol Feb 3, 2009

Pagawain mo ng bacchussql pra d mka2in at d mka2log. Cgurado deadz yn. Hahaha

Posted by: roel Feb 23, 2009

Di talaga namin mapatay yung mga surot sa aprtment. Our last solution is to leave the house. lipat na kami ng apartment. di na namin matiis yung mga surot dun. hehe .

Posted by: killer Apr 15, 2009

effective na pamatay ng surot eh hot water. dapat patayin lahat. walang matitira. pag may natira na isa eh dadami ulit. make sure din na patayin ang mga itlog nya.

Posted by: A H1N1 virus May 7, 2009

How about how to kill A H1N1 virus or swine flu?
Is there any effective medicine now?

Posted by: BUGS LIFE May 11, 2009

wag na natin silang guluhin. That was bugs life. they need food to eat thats why we live. Bed bugs / mites are our friend. hehe

Posted by: Rockers May 11, 2009

ang pamatay ng swine flu? SUROT Bwahahaha!